Whether it’s for a family member, friend, teacher or coworker, Rebel Green has something to offer each person on your holiday shopping list! For some green gift ideas, check out this gift guide!

For Mom

Winter tends to be a dry season, so it’s the perfect time to pamper your mother with some lovely hand care products. With Rebel Green Fresh & Clean Hand Soap and Luxe Hand Cream, Mom can enjoy softer skin with natural products made by a certified women-owned company. Available in Peppermint & Lemon, Lavender, Pink Lilac, Frankincense & Pine (hand soap only) and Unscented.

Rebel Green Fresh & Clean Hand Soap Luxe Hand Cream Frankincense Pine Lavender mother gift

For Dad

Whether it’s around the house or outside in a garage or workshop, we know that dads clean too! Get him something that works as hard as he does for the family. Rebel Green All Purpose Spray can be used on multiple surfaces. The Peppermint & Lemon scent smells great and makes the work seem like less of a chore.


Rebel Green All Purpose Spray natural cleaner Peppermint & Lemon

For Siblings

Do you have a sister who’s a fashionista? Or a brother who regularly wears business casual clothes to the office? If so, we can bet that they’ll make good use of Rebel Green USDA-certified organic Delicates Wash, which will infuse their fine fabrics with just a hint of pure essential oil fragrance.

Rebel Green Delicates Wash USDA-certified organic laundry detergent Pink Lilac

For Organic-Minded Friends

Organic options are everywhere these days, but it can sometimes be tough to find USDA-certified organic laundry products. Look no further than Rebel Green’s Fresh Laundry Detergent. Plant based and biodegradable, it contains zero sulfates, phosphates, phthalates, parabens, dyes and synthetic fragrances. It’s gentle on clothes, sensitive skin and the environment.

Rebel Green Fresh Laundry Detergent USDA-certified organic Lavender & Grapefruit

For Teachers

Instead of knickknacks and other impractical gifts, why not give your kids’ teachers something they can actually use, like Rebel Green Super Deluxe Dish Soap? This plant-based formula works on grease and doesn’t leave streaks. Available in Peppermint & Lemon, Lavender & Grapefruit, Pink Lilac, Frankincense & Pine or Unscented.

Rebel Green Super Deluxe Dish Soap Frankincense & Pine holiday

For the Athlete

Your fellow yogi or running buddy will be thrilled to receive a bottle of Rebel Green Good Sport Wash. The formula is the same as our USDA-certified organic Fresh Laundry Detergent, but it contains a greater concentration of essential oils to help release the sweat and stink from workout clothes and uniforms. It also rinses clean and leaves behind no harsh chemical residue.

Rebel Green Good Sport Wash USDA-certified organic laundry detergent Peppermint & Lemon

For the College Student

The close quarters of college dormitories can be rife with foul smells and stagnant air. Rebel Green Fresh Room Spray helps your college student freshen their space without all the toxins found in other air fresheners.

Rebel Green Fresh Room Spray Lavender & Grapefruit

For the Foodie

We all have at least one friend who frequents seasonal farmer’s markets and strives to eat fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. For that person, Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Clean is a no-brainer. This vegan, gluten-free formula removes pesticides, waxy residues and chemicals from the surfaces of produce. It also rinses clean with no aftertaste.

Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Clean produce wash apples basket

For the Animal Lover

For those who cherish their fur-babies, it’s important to find a gift that’s both animal and human friendly. Rebel Green Fresh Linen Spray offers a natural way to freshen bedding and furniture fabrics where beloved pets love to hang out all day. Plus, all Rebel Green products are certified to be cruelty free by the Leaping Bunny Program.


Rebel Green Fresh Linen Spray Peppermint & Lemon Leaping Bunny cruelty free certification

For the Tree Hugger

Trees are a precious resource, so we’ve come up with a way to cut fewer trees down. Rebel Green Tree Free paper products are made from bamboo, which grows much faster than trees and is a more sustainable option for manufacturing household products like paper towel and toilet paper. Since bamboo must be sourced internationally, we’ve partnered with the Paradigm Project to offset the carbon footprint of transportation.

Rebel Green Tree Free Bamboo Paper Products Towel Toilet Tissue sustainable

For the Commuter

Rebel Green Sparkling Glass Spray delivers a streak free, non-toxic shine to windows and mirrors, and we’ve heard from many fans that it works great on car windows too! Your boss, coworker or other frequent driver will definitely appreciate having a bottle of this to keep in their vehicle. Throw in a couple of rolls of Rebel Green Tree Free Paper Towel, and they’re good to go.

Rebel Green Sparkling Glass Spray Peppermint & Lemon

For the New Parent

The addition of a new baby makes many parents think twice about the products they use in their home. Newborn skin can be especially sensitive to the chemicals, dyes and synthetic fragrances contained in traditional laundry detergents. Rebel Green Gentle Baby Detergent is USDA-certified organic, and the pure essential oils (scent: Chamomile & Orange Blossom) help soothe and relax baby.

Rebel Green Gentle Baby Detergent laundry USDA-certified organic orange & chamomile

For the Ultimate Host/Hostess

Soft towels and linens are essential when you’re hosting guests. Rebel Green Fabulous Fabric Softener naturally reduces static, lessens wrinkles and eases ironing. We use pure essential oils to create three intoxicating scents: Peppermint & Lemon, Lavender & Grapefruit and Pink Lilac. No sulfates, phosphates, phthalates, dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Rebel Green Fabulous Fabric Softener Peppermint & Lemon Pink Lilac

For Anyone

Still don’t know what to get that special someone on your list? The Rebel Green Gift Set is the perfect solution. It contains five miniature bottles of Rebel Green cleaning products, allowing the recipient to try out a few different products and scents for themselves to see what they like best. We also donate $5.00 from every gift set purchase to Water.org, which helps provide four years of clean, safe water to one person. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Gift Set