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Forget white – we’re dreaming of a GREEN Christmas this year! Having an eco-friendly holiday is as easy as making a few conscious choices to do things a little differently. Besides cleaning your home with Rebel Green’s natural cleaning products, here are a few more ways you can have a greener Christmas and a happier new year!

The Tree

  • Choose a real tree over artificial. For the ultimate green solution, try to find a live potted tree that you can reuse from year to year or plant in your yard afterwards. A Norfolk island pine is a great eco-friendly option, and it’s a longer living alternative to traditional evergreens and poinsettias.
  • Once the chaos of the holidays is past, plant a new tree or two with your family as a “replacement” for the one that was harvested.
  • Have your tree turned into compost or wood chips for landscaping mulch.
  • If you are looking to get rid of an artificial tree, contact your local municipality about recycling options.

The Decorations

  • Keep light displays to a minimum.
  • Use LED or solar-powered lights.
  • Turn lights off after bedtime or use timers for convenient efficiency.
  • Make your own decorations using items from nature (pine cones, berries, boughs) or recycled materials (turn old Christmas cards and scrap paper into garland chains).

The Gifts

  • Give handmade gifts – they’re more thoughtful than store bought!
  • If you do choose to buy rather than DIY, shop locally and purchase items that are made in the USA (like Rebel Green products!).
  • Choose gifts that are battery-free or made from recycled materials.
  • Use eco-friendly wrapping, or skip wrapping altogether.
  • Reuse gift wrap, ribbons and bows.
  • Donate or regift any unwanted or excess gifts, rather than discard them in the trash.
  • Make your own Christmas cards using paper scraps, old wall calendar images, or your children’s artwork. Better yet, just send e-cards!

The Food

  • Buy local produce.
  • Opt for bulk foods over packaged versions whenever possible.
  • Cut down on food waste by not purchasing excessive amounts of food.
  • Skip disposable plates and utensils; use fine china, silverware and cloth napkins instead.
  • Eat or freeze any leftovers, then reheat or transform them for lunch the next day.

What are your favorite ways to be a rebel and go green during the holidays?

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