Top Seven Hacks to Take the Stress Out of Holiday Hosting

Holiday Gift Package

No need to fret about the mess when you know the right tips and tricks. Have peace of mind knowing you’re taking care of the earth and your family We’re planning on going all in this year on our long awaited reunions with our family and friends. Everyone has big plans to make lots of…

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Your New Fall Cleaning Checklist

all purpose spray with pumpkin

Our fave plant based cleaning necessities + streamlined tips. Prep your home before the weather changes for a worry-free Autumn. Fireplaces, soft sweaters, blankets and warm drinks. Fall is the official start of the cozy season.   From the autumnal scent pairings in our essential oils to our Safer Choice Fruit and Veggie Clean for getting…

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Make cleaning a breeze with the right plan and  plant powered cleaning supplies    It’s that time of year again and many of us are moving kids back into their college dorm room and apartments. You’ll want to supply your kids and your family with plant powered cleaners without all the harsh chemicals of conventional products.…

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Chefs’ Secrets For Navigating the Farmers’ Market

rebel freen fruit and veggie clean on produce with fresh strawberries

Your guide to shopping for fresh produce like a pro! Summer is at its peak which means these are the glory days for fruits and vegetables! Farmers’ markets and farm stands are packed with juicy tomatoes, freshly picked corn, sweet peaches and fresh berries and watermelon. There’s nothing like bringing home fresh-off-the-farm produce!  We all…

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Secrets of Friends Whose Homes Smell Amazing

The secret? Lightly scented plant powered formulas and cleaning hacks will let you be the one with the great smelling house too!  It’s the first thing people notice when they walk into your home: the scent!  You know how your home smells when you walk in from vacation?  That’s what people who don’t live there…

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How To Spring Clean Your House In One Day

rebel green products

Here’s the formula (plant powered of course) for your one day spring cleaning routine It’s that time of that year again… Spring cleaning! If that sounds daunting, don’t worry, we’ve created a guide to completing it in just one day! Yes, we know it’s ambitious. But it’s possible. So, if you want to take it…

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9 Ways to Give Your Bathroom Habits an Eco-Friendly and Healthier Makeover

rebel green tree free toilet tissue bamboo plant

Looking to create a calm, inviting and functional bathroom space without harming the planet?  I don’t know about you but these days, with the whole family home, all the time, it seems like I’m always cleaning the bathroom. Thankfully, there are safer, plant based cleaners that harness the power of essential oils and work really…

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New Year Detox Goals for Your Home

bright interior photos

Make Your Home A Safe Haven by Ditching Those Harsh Chemical Cleaners You care about the ingredients you put in your body, carefully considering what’s in your beauty products and what’s in your food. What about the ingredients you use to clean your home?  To live a truly green and healthy life, simply changing what…

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Simple Tips and Tricks to Turn Your Home into a Cozy and Zen-Like Sanctuary for the Holidays

rebel freen super deluxe dish soap cocktails

The CDC is recommending we still avoid travel this holiday season. What would you say if I told you it’s possible with a few tips and tricks to create a healthy retreat right in your own home? Check out these tips to get away from it all (without going anywhere) from and a few…

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Five Ways to Prep Your Home For the Holidays During The Pandemic

white stockings on wooden mantle fireplace

Start now and give yourself the gift of a (plant powered) clean house by Thanksgiving The colors are changing, the days are getting shorter and the air is turning cooler, fast! Even though our sense of time these days may feel like we’re actually living the movie “Groundhog Day”, the holidays are right around the…

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