Make cleaning a breeze with the right plan and  plant powered cleaning supplies   

It’s that time of year again and many of us are moving kids back into their college dorm room and apartments. You’ll want to supply your kids and your family with plant powered cleaners without all the harsh chemicals of conventional products. The aroma of our uniquely blended essential oils will liven up your new space immediately and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll be skipping the synthetic fragrances and sulfates. 

Before you unload and unpack, you’ll want to start fresh without all the dirt and grime left by the previous tenants. Having a move-in strategy before you arrive is everything so move-in day goes smoothly! Here are some tried and true move-in strategies from our team. 

First, gather your cleaning products in one caddy and all your laundry supplies in a basket. 

Work from top to bottom – dust will fall from above!

  • Wipe down surfaces, walls and high touch surfaces with All Purpose Cleaner
  • Sweep and vacuum corners, along walls and vacuum window treatments 
  • Spritz curtains and linens with Fabulous Room/Linen Spray kissed with essential oils so you can avoid room sprays with toxic fake perfume scents  
  • Wipe down the top of window frames, air vent covers, door frames, top of cabinets and closet shelves, ceiling fans, light fixtures, lamp shades
  • Open a window to get out the stale air 
  • Get your windows, mirrors, faucets and appliances sparkling with sparkling glass cleaner. Don’t forget to clean under and behind appliances
  • Neat and Tidy Tub and Tile Cleaner and a sponge will do the trick on that grimy shower,  bathtub, sink and countertops to make it smell fresh and clean 

Disinfect the toilet with Spotless Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Here are some final tips to make your cleaning day go smoothly:

Go tree free and carbon neutral with our bamboo paper towels and toilet paper and reduce paper waste. 

For easy maintenance, break up this list into 15 minute time blocks, share the tasks with all your roommates, put on some upbeat music and your cleaning routine will be less of a chore. 

Check out our previous blog on “Spring Clean Your House In One Day” for some more detailed cleaning tips.