Why Use Organic Laundry Detergent?

Rebel Green USDA-certified organic laundry detergents good sport wash delicates basketWith all of the information and options available to consumers today, choosing a laundry detergent can be tough. Throw Rebel Green USDA-certified organic laundry detergent into the mix, however, and the choice becomes crystal clear.

Rebel Green is a Milwaukee-based company that offers a full line of organic, plant-based detergents, including Fresh Laundry Detergent, Good Sport Wash, Delicates Wash and Gentle Baby Detergent.

What sets Rebel Green apart from other eco-friendly laundry detergents on the market?

  • Certified ingredients. Many brands claim to be “green” or “eco-friendly,” but a closer inspection may uncover synthetic additives or toxic chemicals. USDA certification ensures that most of the ingredients in Rebel Green laundry detergents were grown on certified-organic farms without synthetic fertilizers or genetic engineering.
  • No chlorine, ammonia or other petrochemicals. Chemical brighteners like chlorine have been found to increase risks of developing allergies or asthma, especially in kids. Ammonia is a corrosive substance that irritates the eyes, nose, throat and respiratory system. Thankfully, Rebel Green organic laundry detergents contain none of these chemicals.
  • No dyes or synthetic fragrances. Especially for people with sensitive skin, synthetic dyes and fragrances can cause skin outbreaks and other allergic reactions. Rebel Green’s scented laundry detergents are safer because they are kissed with essential oils and natural fragrances.
  • Safer for septic systems. Septic systems rely on organic bacteria to break down waste, and conventional laundry detergents contain toxic chemicals that can inhibit the effectiveness of the bacteria.
  • Social responsibility. A portion of all Rebel Green sales goes to organizations that help deliver clean water, clean food and clean air to people all over the world. These include Water.org, Feeding America, The Paradigm Project and the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences.

 Join the natural cleaning revolution with Rebel Green!