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You know you’re going to have to eat your fresh fruits and vegetables for your health.  Research shows that the beautifully innocent looking peach in your cart may have been sprayed with pesticides, waxes or chemicals at some time during crop production.  These pesky substances are designed for the very purpose of resisting insects and rain.  A gentle rinse with water from your kitchen tap is unlikely to power through that stuff.  Don’t even think about using that petroleum based dish soap to clean your fresh produce.  Nature isn’t always the cleanest place even if the fruit is organic, it is still vulnerable to drift spray, people handling-residues, and just plain dirt.  Yuck!  The moms at Rebel Green have brought you this produce wash formula, Rebel Green Fruit and Veggie Clean to safely and gently remove these unwanted residues, all the while leaving no after-taste.  Plus, clean food just tastes better!

What makes Rebel Green the best product for you and your family?

Rebel Green Fruit and Veggie Clean is made with all natural ingredients including grapefruit seed extract and organic extracts of lemon and lime.  Independent laboratory tests prove that Rebel Green Fruit & Veggie Clean is significantly more effective than rinsing with water alone to remove some of the most common strains of bacteria and pesticides on fresh produce.  If you’re a wholesale produce buyer or a retailer interested in carrying our product, please go to the Become a Retailer on this website for more information on our terrific wholesale program.

If you love our Fruit and Veggie Clean, you’ll also love our aromatherapeutic Yoga Mat Spray for your exercise mat.

Rebel Green’s Customer Service Number 866-939-9971 has been changed.  Please make a note that the new number is 844.240.9992.


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